Print Page. E-Mail Page To order simply click listing. Heavy duty hoods utilize your factory hinge and OEM front latch. Additional hold downs are recommended. Hoods trunk lids often come oversize and may require some trimming. Heavy duty one piece front ends do not come with a hinge kit. Race weight parts are designed for professional racing applications only.

Race weight front ends are intended for racing applications and do not come with a hinge kit. Pro front ends do not come with hood. Please e-mail us after placing your order. Reference your order number and specify your choice of hood and trunk by part number. Race weight bodies are intended for full tube chassis racing applications and do not come with floor or interior panels.

Bodies are customer pick up only. The installer, user assumes all responsibility for properly securing these parts. Use at your own risk! Manufactured and shipped F. Add a ram air isolator plate. Size 33"x6. Race weight parts only. A good idea a customer came up with - was to use fish mouth tubing - a large piece mounted to the frame rail and a somewhat smaller one glassed to the front end itself. When sliding the front end on it not only self aligns it secure the front end and fasteners are only needed in the rear.

First you will need a photo of the side of the vehicle. Cut the outline drawing and lay it over the photo. With the use of a pin, determine where the hinge placement should be The pin acting as the hinging point. To get more lift and clearance while tilting, a double hinge can be fabricated and used. For either double or single hinges, you must start by fiberglassing a 1 x 1 steel bar into the front end, just above and in front of the hinge point.

Make sure, before glassing the bar in that a pad is welded on the end to make it more stable. For a double hinge mechanismweld an oval plate off of the bar in the front end previously installed angled down and behind the hinge point. Cut an oval plate to bolt to the frame horn and add 2 stop bolts to limit the travel. Doing your best to make your assembly look like the animation to the right. It is best to use stainless steel bolts and cotter pin type lock nuts, for a secure installation Units manufactured for "Sand Drag" or "Baja" style racing are built so as to be midway between the Street Drag and the Street Race units.

They must be picked up in person to avoid freight damage. When building a race vehicle you obviously want it as light as possible. As far as the body all you are left with is an overweight, floppy shell held together with old factory spot welds and body lead. Our bodies are manufactured from extremely complex molds - which produce a rigid one piece unit.We will be continuing to produce and offer our decals as well as the complete line of Competition Resins.

Many items have been greatly reduced. All items are limited to stock on hand only. Excludes 's Workshop kits. Mopar Stratus Pro Stock. Gasser Mini Sheet We carry the complete line of Competition Resins!

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73grumpys toy resin vega body only/ please read description

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Vin yl Decals. Other Recent Releases. All items are limited to stock on hand only Excludes 's Workshop kits.Most of the parts available on my website require advanced skill to install on your build.

Fabrication or modification of them may be required due to the broad range of applications to which they are suited. Be sure to use appropriate protection when working with tools or chemicals which represent a potential threat to your personal well-being.

A unique chassis pan will also probably be offered. The roof has been chopped, body sides replaced between the wheel well openings, front wheel well openings reshaped and decreased in size, rear wheel well openings lengthened. Additionally, the body has been wedged, narrowed and tapered front narrower than rear. Select from hood choices lower on page. This kit is priced to include the pro stock hood and photo etch scoop.

Cast by Ed Fluck. There subtle differences between the and cars. This decal set is designed to fit my B-DR2-PS Fairmont body, which has enlarged rear wheel well openings and dropped front bumper. They are designed to work with my original B-DR body. Out of Stock! Decals by Chuck Naylor.

The "" shown on his entry number indicates that he finished 5th in Division 2 the previous year. It incorporates pins in the lower dash to positively locate it on the firewall. The gauge panel is blank so you can add your own gauge faces.

The interior floor has been narrowed significantly, rocker panel and outer frame rails were added and channel body over the frame. A 4-link kick-up, floor between tubs have been added,the trunk floor has been fitted. Half-round tubing was added to create the main rails over the rear end. This pan will accept my multi-media 4-link kit, 4L-9BP if you wish to add more detail.

The small splash panels may need to be trimmed to fit headers. Tight fit. May require a bit of filing on outer edges. Looks great! Includes Dzus buttons. This Vega hatchback body is based off an MPC kit and has had numerous alterations made to it. Rear wheel wells have been lengthened to accommodate 14x32 slicks. The front and rear bumpers were narrowed, tucked in and blended into the body. Grille vents on the nose were filled to replicate fiberglass front ends of that era. The taillight frames were reworked so they were symetrical, plus a lot of general body work was done to get rid of a lot of the flaws inherent in the kit body.

It also comes with 3D-mastered taillights and much nicer headlight lenses. While it isn't finished, I plan to offer a somewhat more contemporary floor pan and firewall combo that will fit this body and accommodate larger slicks while also letting the car set much closer to the ground than Vegas of that era. Flat and snorkel hoods are available for this body and must be ordered separately.

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. Eph I will contact you if I foresee a significant lag in order fulfillment. Delivery times subject to change.Long before the Vega made its appearance in the automotive universe, it was a guiding light for all humanity.

The second brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere, Vega was actually the polar star about 14, years ago. In an astronomical quirk known as the precession of the equinoxes, the earth's orbital axis wobbles in a circular arc that takes 25, years to complete. In another, oh, 13, years or so, Vega will once again replace Polaris as our trusty polar guide star.

Jeff Schwartz, owner of the incongruous '72 Vega notchback coupe you see here, sums it up best: "These cars all hit the boneyard early in their lifetime. They would literally rust from the inside out.

They didn't last long enough for anybody in their 30s to even recognize them. At one point, the Lordstown, Ohio, assembly plant was churning out one Vega every 36 seconds.

69 Chevy Camaro wagon model build

Moreover, labor relations were at an all-time low. When cars weren't misbuilt due to the insanely high production volume, workers would intentionally sabotage the cars. By the time Lordstown's 7, workers called a wildcat strike in Marchnearly percent of all Vegas had quality control issues.

It's hormonally overendowed engine and chassis notwithstanding, Jeff's notchback Vega seen here is an oddball for a couple of reasons.

For one, its notchback greenhouse is taller and narrower than the more common hatchback style most people remember, giving it an extra dose of ugly along with an increase in chassis rigidity that comes from having a rear seat bulkhead. Unlike virtually all of its brethren, this Vega also managed to survive the new millennia almost perfectly intact, a function of being Ziebart rust-proofed when new, driven only 35, miles, and finally put into a dry barn to doze for another 25 years.

Jeff knew right off the bat that he wanted LS power for his flyweight creation, and found a 5. Fitting the Rainier's LM4 in the Vega provided some interesting insights into the Vega's construction-or lack thereof. Using a Camaro LS1 bare block as a template, Jeff came to a more realistic understanding of the Vega's unibody design. I had it set up where I had the perfect amount of clearance when it was on the ground. Then, when I lifted it into the air, it flexed all over the place.

The oil pan clearance went from a quarter of an inch to an inch and a quarter-with only an empty block in place. That's what prompted me to seam weld everything. Otherwise, getting the LM4 shoehorned into the Vega's engine bay was pretty straightforward. Jeff fabricated most everything, including engine mounts, the trans crossmember, the suspension's tubular control arms, and engine bay braces. The stock Buick exhaust manifolds worked fine, and Jeff says without their heat shields, they even look like little cast headers.Any other instances are describing steel parts.

Much more coming soon!! A picture gallery is included along with full price list. See below table for gallery. Thanks for your interest. Please call or Email any needs. Contact the company by e-mailing Showcars idirect. Reproduction Steel Parts. Used Parts Everything available!

Fiberglass Reproduction Parts. Pin On. Stinger Bolt On Scoop trim fit or open front as desired. Vega anything. Please give us a callnew, used or glass. LH Outer Door Handle chrome.

vega resin body

RH Outer Door Handle chrome. Tailgate Latch GM Cars Doors - Complete. Doors - Bare. Quarter Panels. Header Panels. Hatch - Bare.You are purchasing this directly from a customer who has not used it. It is new in the box. See below for contact information.

This is based on a " wheelbase for Pro Mod class racing This is a plate consisting of small holes in a honeycomb pattern. This is a tighter pattern than Detail Master's Rectangular Grille material. It is typically used for a grille, in the place of the kit piece. You can see through it to view your A photo-etched plate of miscellaneous pieces to reinforce your chassis, roll cage and other components. An iconic drag racing body from the early '60's to today. Newer versions use a longer wheelbase for more stability.

Brand new in the box and unopened. This simulated grille also looks like a mesh and it is a decal which requires a solid backing. Up close, the pattern resembles a chain link fence. This has a larger pattern then the similar Grille Decal 2. This is a waterslide decal and not a 3D Confederate Flag Set in five different sizes.

This isn't a decal. The flags have adhesive backing. Apply to aluminum foil to make realistic flag Sizes are all square shaped:. Skull and Cross Bone flags and symbols in several different sizes. The flags have adhesive backing. Apply to aluminum foil and wrinkle for a realistic flag. US Flag Set, Stars, in four different sizes.

vega resin body

Contains: One 1. The photo looks black because the pattern is dark and doesn't show well in a photo. The actual decal measures 4. One sheet. A set of two different style brackets to hold up that bumper or other item. Straight brackets with holes. Dropped style bracket. Photos courtesy of Highlight Model Studio Facebook page. Assembly is required. Photo etched sheet, by A detail set for Revell's Chevy Pickup Truck. A visor that mounts above the windshield. Photo etched sheet, by HighlightI've always loved the look of the early '70's pro stock cars.

These cars pioneered the usage of a narrowed rear axle and funny car sized slicks in a stock bodied car. Later, during the 80's, these cars served as the inspiration for the pro street movement and spawned thousands of hot rod look-a-likes. Also my dad bought a Chevy Vega new in '72 so I have a soft spot for them. To build my replica I used a Resin Roundup '72 Vega resin body.

vega resin body

These resin bodies take quite a bit of cleanup work. They often have pin holes and other blemishes that have to be filled and sanded. Also the window areas are usually flashed over with a thin layer over resin and the castings are a little thicker than normal. You'll need a Dremel tool to grind away the extra material and clean out the windows and wheels openings. But, the price of the bodies are much more reasonable compared to buying an original kit.

This kit was also re-issued recently so they aren't hard to find. Since I was planning on building several different '70's pro stock cars using these wheels I decided to make a mold and cast some duplicate sets in resin. Finally, they were painted with Testor's Model Master stainless steel for a realistic look. After prepping the resin body it was painted with Tamiya gloss white. The rocker panels were masked and sprayed with Tamiya gloss red. The decals are from Slixx. They were the typical excellent quality I've come to expect from Slixx and the sheet offers several different versions of Grumpy's Vega.

After applying the decals the whole body was shot with a two part urethane clear. I also made a set of side windows from clear sheet acetate so I could apply the window decals. The resin kit comes with the bumpers unplated. First I removed the molded-in license plate on the rear bumper and then sent them to Chrome-Tech USA and had the front and rear bumpers chromed.

I wanted to keep this just a simple curbside build so I glued the hood shut and it has no engine or extra chassis detailing. All-in-all, it was a fun little quick build and filled a gap in my drag racing collection. Below are some pictures of the real car. See other model cars I've built.